Thursday, March 3, 2011

after the premiere...

Well, it's been a few weeks since Cherry Blossom's Art Music LIVE Part II concert which included the premiere of my Concerto for Electric Guitar.
Sitting there in the audience hearing it in its entirety for the first time was an experience I'll always remember. Thrilling to say the least.

It's been good to have alittle time to reflect on this big projects birthing.I  have had time to listen to the recording, look at the video and go over the score a little to make notes on some minor orchestral adjustments. I presented the piece at a Cascadia Composers meeting in Portland and got good feedback and  food for thought.

And, fortunately, it looks like the piece will be able to be performed again..Soon!..

Ron Bertucci, head of music at Lane Community College wants to program the piece on a concert of the Lane Community Chamber Orchestra. Olem will be the soloist again and I don't have to piece an orchestra together. The tentative date is Sunday, June 5th in the afternoon at L.C.C.'s performing arts hall.
I'm so excited to have this happen. So often a composers piece just gets performed once and for such a big piece as this, it would be a bit of a shame.

I feel very fortunate to get a second performance. Hopefully those of you who couldn't make it the first time can come out to this one.


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